About Us - Hipermak

About Us

HIPERMAK was founded in 1985 with the mission of designing and producing functional, high quality, practical and innovative Packaging Machines for food or non food manufacturers.

Hipermak which continuing its journey with the second generation of the family since 2004 serving in new facilities since 2015
Hipermak designs Packaging Machine using by latest technology. Together with the after-sales service, it works and produces to make dreams come true with its creative and expert staff dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Hipermak aims to be a world brand with more than 30 years of experience and modern infrastructure and investments.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to globally share our packaging machines built on an innovation perspective and differentiating research and development practices, manufactured to international quality standards and responding to various product lines, whilst maintaining our leading industry position and providing maximum to our stakeholders.

Our mission is to continously expand our portfolio and service our current and potential stakeholders by means of an expert, experienced and technically skilled team, our research and development practices coupled with our up to date technology design focus.

Production Department

Hipermak, which produces many machines with different features in the segment A and serves 50 countries around the world.
Following technological developments, Hipermak produces Packaging Machine in own production plant.
In this way, all trained departments from R&D to assembly team produce world-standard Packaging Machines in high quality.

R&D Department

Hipermak is developing itself by participating in specialized exhibition around the World.
Managing entirely with domestic capital and endeavors to spread the innovation-based development culture within the institution.
Creates highly motivated and qualified human resources with in-house trainings.

Hipermak increases its production quality day by day with an ever-growing employment policy and innovation-oriented approach.
Hipermak will continue functional productions with the success of its customers and reliable business partnership by giving importance to change and development.

Sales and Marketing Team

Support After Service

The use of our state-of-the-art machines that we manufacture with high performance for many years is at least as important as our pre-sales services and sales process. Our stakeholders have been using our machines with the efficiency of the first day for many years, thanks to our expert technical service staff who provide meticulous service after sales.

In addition, we continue our services with a reliable organizational structure by keeping all kinds of spare parts in our stocks within the scope of our after-sales services.


Quality Policy

Maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level in line with customer needs and demands.

To keep sufficient spare parts stock for any malfunctions that may occur after sales of our machines.

To support R&D studies with the participation of all employees.

To provide products and services in the level of international quality.

To develop our product range that empowers its environmentally conscious users in line with customer demands.

To train employees with a higher performance production awareness.